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2005-04-08 - 9:14 p.m.

Cold and rainy today, echoing my mood. Which is weird, because I actually woke up from pretty pleasant dreams and at the time I wanted to.

If I'd had the time and inclination, I thought the dream could make a pretty interesting story. I'm just not sure how to frame it without it's fanfic connotations.

I was dreaming that Spike (I have a TV addiction, and I'm fine with it) and I were travelling. Not with a purpose, just sort of aimlessly wandering the roads and we found a house. I feel now like it was somewhere in the South, but that may be a backfilled detail and not actually part of the dream. The mind embroiders, you know.

In the house lived a boy (really, a young man) and his elderly parents. The parents were super overprotective, not letting the son do much of anything or go anywhere. It became fairly clear early on that the parents were ghosts, and it seemed clear that they were holding the boy to the house. So we decided to help him escape. The parents, of course, didn't much like that, but Spike played interference, and between ghosts and vampires it was a pretty even match while sonny & I ran for the back gate.

But then sonny started fighting, trying not to leave, and I realized he was a ghost too. Which was pretty much the end of the story, but not really the dream.

I suppose really it IS a pretty straightforward story; the only place that the fact that Spike is Spike comes into play is when he distracts the parents to allow me & sonny to escape. That's workable. The rest of the time it doesn't matter.

So if I EVER get SM done (and right now that's feeling VERY much in doubt), I have a short I could work on.


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