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2005-05-16 - 7:50 p.m.

God, was there a period of time when I managed to do this every day? I know my life hasn't gotten any more interesting, so I'm not quite sure where all the time is going.

Too much time reading maybe. I do seem to be getting through books much faster than in the previous few months. Grrr. That is SO not a trade-off I want to make. I'm enjoying being a moderately literary--or at least READING--person again. There's been too much regret on that front in the past year.

Anyway, looks like I've finally come correct with WW. I'm consistently journalling, and while I've been sketchy about my healthy oils and milk intake (I take calcium supplements, isn't that enough??), I've been staying in my points and not getting sidetracked by the inevitable Monday Donuts at work. I dropped 8lbs in a week, which I know was prolly simple shock of actually following program, but DAMN it feels good! I'm not only 5lbs away from where I was when I quit WW last time to have my nervous breakdown--which was my lowest adult weight EVER.

I even bought clothes for the first time in prolly a year, and given what a clothes horse I became when I lost the 100, that's saying something. Bought the CUTEST 2 skirts--same pattern, one in brown and one in blue--go perfect with a white V-neck T-shirt or something fancier. And the skirts are lightweight, which means I can wear them to meetings on Sunday. Can I tell ya how kickin' I looked in my cute skirt and brown heeled Mary-Janes? Oh, yes child, just THAT good.

Now all that remains is to keep it up.

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