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2005-01-27 - 7:54 p.m.

OK...can I just say I hate California drivers??

1. What's up with driving 25mph in the fast lane? I mean come ON...if you're being passed on the right, that's your sign to get the frak over! Get out of my damn lane!

2. And the stopping at the bottom of the on ramp? Have ya HEARD of merging? How about merging at speed?

3. Turn signals. It's that funny lever on the steering wheel. No, not your wipers, the other one. It's not just to make it look symmetrical, hey? I am neither Kreskin or Miss Cleo; I cannot predict when you will take it into your head to cross four lanes of traffic...except that it will prolly happen while I'm next to you.

4. Hey! I'm in this lane, dammit! Look before you decide to come over!

5. OK...look, it rained three days ago, it was misty two days ago and it was sunny yesterday. This cycle will repeat almost infinitely this time of year. It's no excuse for freaking out and driving 25 on the highway.

6. The center lane is NOT the turning lane. Get the frak over!

7. Randomly braking. Do I really need to say more?

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