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2005-05-10 - 8:11 p.m.

Today was the topping off ceremony at the library. I'd never heard of this before, but hey, I'm new at construction. I didn't know what a soffit was before this year, either (look it up, I had to).

I don't remember the whole promotional blurb they gave out, but basically it's a big fat hairy deal when the last piece of structural steel is slotted into place. They strap a flag to the last beam, and some companies also wire a tree to it--especially if there's no loss of life (which, thankfully there was not). The ironworkers sign the beam, and so do a bunch of other people (I am SO immortalized), and there's free food and speeches, and pictures and it's a big fat hairy deal (as noted above).

At first I wasn't going to sign the beam. I mean, really, I could care less, right? But I was standing there and thinking about it, and rituals, and superstition, and I thought that not only should I, but I wanted to. To not would suggest that I don't take pride in the building, in the project, and while the cynical part of me scoffs at that notion, I DO have pride in the project. I love this job. I love the guys I work with (for the most part). I sent the webcam address to everyone so they could see the building as it goes up. I harass the subs to make sure that things run smooth, and I cheer when I'm not on Arlene in Accounting's shit list.

I mean, I still don't get there much before I have to, and I leave as soon as I can, and since Veronica Mars took over my life, I've been on the Internet WAAAAY too much...but I'm invested in this job. I felt satisfied when that beam fit into place and I could see my signature.

So...yeah. Totally immortalized, and I feel goood.

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