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2005-01-29 - 4:17 a.m.

Addendum 1 to Why I Hate Californian Drivers (cause I know there'll be more, and I'll run out of letters before numbers)

1. Revisiting the idea of turn signals: Congratulations! You figured out what that lever is for! But the idea is to use it when you're ACTUALLY planning to make a turn (like that moment?), not 5 miles before your turn.

2. The onramp is really not the place to decide you don't want to be on the highway after all.

3. If you know you need to make a right (or left) turn, don't get into the far left (or right) lane.

Now that I have that out of my system...

Ugh. I feel awful. Everything was going so well before 'the visitor'; now I'm just sleepy and achy and bloated.

Not getting much done on Storm Moon, which is frustrating. I can't seem to write at home. Part of that is Andre, who interrupts me at any given moment for attention. But it's not just that. I find myself noodling around with iTunes, or Media Player or Creative, or playing games (Damn your addictive nature, Freecell!) and not getting much of anything done.

Part of it is the fear, I'm sure. The fear of completion, the fear that once its done, it'll be no good, or that its already no good...which is all mental, and I know that...but hey--my head is where I live, right? I want to finish it at the same time that I'm deathly afraid I WILL finish it.

And if its finished, then I have no excuse for not immersing myself in the business side, which frankly terrifies me. I mean, it shouldn't. I'm reasonably intelligent; I'm sure I'm capable of picking this up. But any new project, or skill acquisition is always terrifying, because I don't even know where to start or how to parse real information from slick scams.

None of which is any excuse. Dammit.

OK. Right. Storm Moon. Chapter 20. The cargo hold...

I can do this.

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