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2005-03-14 - 9:55 p.m.


Andre pisses me off so much sometimes!

He continues to make up his own reality as he goes, and somehow it never seems to impact him how absolutely stupid that is!

Today's argument: Crisis/Hostage situations.

He persists in his belief that no one ever survives a hostage situation. Now, first of all, never mind that we saw a hostage survivor on the news yesterday So I offered to Google "hostage survivors".

306,000 results. I kid you not. 306,000.

Now I'm sure I would have gotten more with different combinations of words, but just for "hostage survivors", 306,000.

He tells me that it doesn't matter how many examples I have or results I Google, or what I say; he's made up his mind.

And this seems perfectly rational to him.

He tells me that I'm naive. Saints and lepers.

Can you comprehend the frustration of dealing with someone with a mind that's not only closed, but time-locked, encrypted and sealed behind several layers of titanium and concrete? I don't think closed is even a sufficient word--what's the opposite of a black hole? Something so dense that nothing can penetrate?

It's moments like this I wonder what I'm doing here, why on earth I came all the way across the country to live with a person so diametrically opposite from me? He's not my man, so I don't have that excuse.

I don't know. I just don't know.


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