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2005-03-15 - 10:40 p.m.

I'm so overwhelmed...

After Andre & my discussion on 'the why' in novels, and Storm Moon in particular, I was interested to see what the opinion of others would be. (It's my position that knowing 'the why'-- WHY did all of this happen? --is absolutely imperative in something novel length. Andre's position is that he doesn't really expect to find out why things happen, the events themselves are generally enough, who cares about why?)

So--being me and relatively friendless in the real world, I asked the list.

And (in between a lot of well-meant but unnecessary advice about how to handle the sitch in Storm Moon), for the most part, people seemed to agree with me, with the stipulation that its somewhat situational.

But then we got onto the topic of my lack of a support network, particularly one that will read and critique my novel. I didn't go into some long sob story...I just said it wasn't like that, and left it at that.

But the response...

My gods. So many people on the list offered to be my beta readers. I almost cried.

I have friends!

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